Our Main Services include Screen Print, Embroidery, Press-on, Flat-Print, and Promotional item decoration. Watch the video to see more!

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 Eleven West, Inc. had humble beginnings when it started in 1977 with two guys working out of a basement. It now operated in it’s own 9,000 square foot building and employees, on average, 18 people.

Eleven West’s owner, John Giesen, started out part-time when he was 17. In 1986 when one of the original owners needed to sell his half of the business and run the family farm, John became part owner of Eleven West. In 2008 the other owner needed to retire due to health issues, John bought the entire business and has continued to run it with his wife, Dana.

Currently, production equipment includes four manual screen-printing presses, one automatic screen-printing press, two six-head embroidery machines and a one head embroidery machine. We also have the ability to personalize textiles (shirts, bags, etc.) with individual names and numbers.

We have 2 full-time graphic artists on site to assist customers with all design elements including placement, colors, fonts, sizing, and more.

Throughout the years, Eleven West has been part of many trends, both local and national. With each trend, new technique, skills, and equipment are tried, tested, and perfected.

We worked with Frank Beamer, retired Virginia Tech Head Football Coach, to coin the term “Beamer Ball” and also came up with the initial designs and items.

We have worked with and continue to work with countless University departments, clubs, Greek groups, and other student groups.

We work closely with the retail stores at Quantico, and other bases around the country to provide USMC, DEA, FBI, and NCIS screen-printed items to those visiting and living on the base. Some items are printed specifically for souvenir purposes, while others are required uniform items for incoming classes.

In 2016 we worked with the USMC to develop a private label USA Made line of clothing for military bases around the country, called the Semper Fi Collection.

We produced lanyards for the TV show the X-Files.

While we do actively seek business, the majority of our business comes from word of mouth. The X-Files ordered because they saw the quality of our work at Quantico. Our customers on the base told them of our excellent service, products, and quality.

We have a history of producing small and large orders with quick turnarounds for athletic teams who are in need of championship apparel on short notice.

We are SWaM and Small, Micro Business certified (certification number 656685) with many customers finding us through the SWaM vendor directory.

We belong to the Radford Chamber of Commerce, Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce plus several industry organizations such as SAGE, SGAI, and we are a proud member of the Fair Labor Association. We won 2017 business of the year through the Radford Chamber of Commerce last fall.

We recently won the VASCUPP Contract Number 7587811AZ-01

What does all of this tell you about Eleven West?

It can be summarized with our mission statement: Provide our customers with the highest quality product at a competitive price, delivered on time for total customer satisfaction. We build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers and provide an organized and safe workplace for our employees.

Our 40 years in business, our 98% on time delivery, our 1000’s of customers nationwide, our reputation, our diverse experience, and our commitment to our customers and their needs show that we are highly qualified.

John Giesen, President